Photographer and fine artist Brittney Combs originates from rural Northwest Ohio. She currently resides in Columbus, Ohio as she pursues a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Photography from Columbus College of Art & Design, expecting to graduate in May of 2016. Combs has exhibited her work in various locations around Ohio, Indiana and New York City.  Her passion is documenting firefighters, which is an enthusiasm that carries into her fine art pieces as well as shooting product and food photography in the studio or on location. Combs primarily creates her work digitally but often still utilizes 35mm and 120mm film, depending on the concept and what the work is intended for. She typically does minimal editing in postproduction, aiming to achieve the image and any desired distortion or manipulation in camera.

Brittney Combs’ work often explores tactility and narrative through documentary and fine art photography styles, focusing on composition and concept. Inspired by things not easily communicated: such as perception, expression, and the intertwined idea of reality with fantasy, she instills emotion by initiating a closer look and creating visual dialogue between the audience and the work. Combs investigates various modes of photography, ranging from on location documentary, to studio work with products and food, even to fine art photographs and mixed media pieces. In each realm she invites viewers to see a part of themselves within the work and establish a connection with it.